Echo Analytics partners with CARTO to make geospatial data available to everyone

Echo Analytics and CARTO announce their partnership to ensure their clients can get easy access to accurate Geospatial data

Source: Echo Analytics Internal Source. Created on April 7, 2023

As one of the leaders who deliver geospatial data to help businesses realize their true potential, Echo Analytics is glad to announce that our solutions are now available on CARTO’s Data ObservatoryCARTO’s cloud-native Location Intelligence platform is trusted by market leaders such as Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan, Vodafone, Deliveroo and JLL and their Data Observatory provides access to more than 12,000 geospatial datasets.

We are constantly amazed by the potential of geospatial data and how it can influence business strategy to attain maximum profit while reducing risk and saving time. We harnessed its power to provide companies with accurate, detailed, and organized data that can help them get a competitive advantage. 

Echo’s Places & Activity data for the UK; total visitor numbers are aggregated to H3 cells.

Source: CARTO

Our solutions are structured around the various requirements that a client might need when extracting geospatial data. Companies might often face challenges that involve investing a huge amount of money and time into analyzing unstructured data. Our datasets provide all the information needed in one package. 

  • Our Places Dataset gives crucial information about 27+M locations across the EU5 and the U.S.A. The datasets come prepared – cleaned and verified – with specific information such as Brand Name, Location Status, Parent Organization, and Stock Tickers so that they can be used immediately.
  • Our Places & Shapes Dataset draws an accurate picture of the specific boundaries of the location of choice. It also provides detailed information such as Building ID, Type & Name, Shape Type, and if the shape is a polygon. 
  • Our Places & Activity Dataset follows trends, behaviors, and patterns of the visitors within the chosen location of interest. This gives a wholesome understanding of visitors, their preferences, and their regular movement habits. 

We know that this kind of information is essential for a business that is looking to open a retail store at a new location. It is also pivotal for those businesses who are already familiar with the process of entering a new location since our datasets come packed with all the knowledge a company might  need. When all the information is at your fingertips, it becomes more convenient for businesses to enter a new location, identify the visitors and potential customers, as well as speed up scaling processes.

Exploring Echo Analytics’ Places & Shapes data in Central London.

Source: CARTO

How can companies benefit from our partnership with CARTO?

Our partnership comes at an essential point when geospatial data is recognized as an indispensable part of business growth. We collect the data and organize it so that businesses can spend time doing what they are required to do. Clients will benefit from this partnership because they will have easy access to accurate geospatial data of over 27M locations across the EU5 as well as the U.S.A. We want to deliver the best value to our clients by going the extra mile in our partnership with CARTO.

Average weekly unique visitors in Central London at building level.

Source: CARTO

With regards to the partnership, Echo’s co-founder & CEO Sébastien Rigoigne said,

“We are glad to partner with CARTO to bring Echo’s Places, Shapes and Activity products to their Data Observatory. The launch of this partnership between two leaders from the location intelligence industry is exciting and will make powerful datasets easy to access for more and more organizations.”

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