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Europe’s most reliable, secure and scalable Geospatial Datasets at your fingertips.

What is Echo?

Discover Europe’s leader in Geospatial Intelligence


Our journey started in 2019, and ever since then we have constantly challenged and broken through barriers to ensure that any company – regardless of its industry – can achieve their goals by harnessing the power of data.

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At Echo, we aim to ensure our clients’ success by providing the most precise picture of the real world and its movement. We believe data should be accessible, reliable, and secure, so companies like yours can find answers to their complex questions using data-driven solutions.

You can count on us.

We provide you with Geospatial datasets that are built
around 3 core principles


We have a vigorous sourcing and cleansing process to provide the most accurate insights and avoid faulty data analyses.


We commit to being 100% transparent regarding non-PII data collection, and strictly follow GDPR regulations to respect data privacy.

Customer Success

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers conduct their data-driven projects efficiently and gain more value with our datasets.

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