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The two types of visitor activities we can help you with

  • Cross visitation activity: Get a deeper insight into the percentage of your visitors who are dropping in at a competitors’ store
  • Customer journey activity: Explore the percentage of visitors from one POI to the other, before or after visiting your store

Why create an Activities dataset?

We believe that the more businesses understand about their customers’ activity, the better chances they have to find a suitable location. Quality mobile data helps businesses reach expand their potential. Visitors and visits are matched to physical locations to analyse:

❏ New movement trends
❏ Popular locations
❏ Customers’ journey
❏ Cross visited locations
❏ Repeat visitors
❏ And more…


How do we do it?


Echo’s Activity Package provides data on visitation that is matched to the POI. Other than basic visitation information, it also includes cross-visitation and customer journey analysis. 

You can count on us.

We provide you with Geospatial datasets that are built
around 3 core principles


We have a vigorous sourcing
and cleansing process to provide the most accurate insights and avoid faulty data analyses.


We commit to being 100% transparent regarding non-Pll
data collection, and strictly follow GDPR regulations to respect data privacy.

Customer Success

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers conduct their data-driven projects efficiently and gain more value with our datasets.


Uncover the added value our datasets
can bring you

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Combining Mobility Insights with POI data enables companies to map activity around their area of interest, for a more representative analysis.


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