The Benefits of Geospatial Data

Geospatial Data provides businesses with valuable and unique insights which not only helps them make real improvements in their operation but also build stronger relationships with their customers. It contextualizes the world around us and lets you see location, travel, status, or any event in real time. 

Our Datasets

Our goal is to solve the complexity behind using data. We do all the heavy lifting so our clients can purely focus on analyzing the aggregated data to conduct their projects efficiently. Our three data offerings consist of:


Get verified business information on +43M Locations in Europe & the U.S.

+7000 Brands

Understand any brand with more understanding with Places data
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Visualise your physical landscape with more depth across the EU-5 & the U.S.A.

80% Coverage

Use Shapes data to finally understand what makes a location stand out
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Analyse activity and key trends in & around locations

100% GDPR Compliance

Using non-PII data, get an insight to foot fall trends, traffic, and behaviour in any location
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A snapshot of a sample…

Our data samples have extensive information in relation to what you’re looking for. You ask, we deliver. It’s that simple. 

Want to see the data for yourself? We can make that happen… 

What’s in it for you?


How do we do it?


Echo’s data is built from a combination of public and private data sources and the use of our proprietary algorithm and human verification system to obtain the most accurate and updated business & geographical information of a Place.

You can count on us.

We provide you with Geospatial datasets that are built
around 3 core principles


We have a vigorous sourcing
and cleansing process to provide the most accurate insights and avoid faulty data analyses.


We commit to being 100% transparent regarding non-PII
data collection, and strictly follow GDPR regulations to respect data privacy.

Customer Success

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers conduct their data-driven projects efficiently and gain more value with our datasets.

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