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What is included on our datasets?

Precise & updated information on any location(s) around Europe & the U.S. – such as lat/long, brand name, street address and more, to help companies gather important geographical insights on their locations of interest.

Why create a Places dataset?

Before we entered the data space, there was an apparent scarcity of information to conduct fffAnalysis. What we offer is what you need. We have:

  • Created an all-in-one data space for both the EU & the U.S.
  • Ensured that the POI you will receive has been collectively evaluated 
  • The most updated representation of an l, including the most specific details of any location(s)


How do we do it?

Echo’s Places data is built from a combination of public and private data sources and the use of our proprietary algorithm and human verification system to obtain the most accurate and updated business & geographical information of a Place.

You can count on us.

We provide you with Geospatial datasets that are built
around 3 core principles


We have a vigorous sourcing
and cleansing process to provide the most accurate insights and avoid faulty data analyses.


We commit to being 100% transparent regarding non-Pll
data collection, and strictly follow GDPR regulations to respect data privacy.

Customer Success

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers conduct their data-driven projects efficiently and gain more value with our datasets.


Uncover the added value our datasets
can bring you