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What is included in this dataset?

Precise & updated information on any location(s) around Europe & the U.S. – such as lat/long, brand name, street address and more, to help companies gather important geographical insights on their locations of interest.

Why create a Shapes dataset?

After years in the Location Data space, we identified thousands of  disparities when it comes to accessing and using this data. Given this, we put all our resources to collect the most accurate POI information so data scientists are not bothered by the effect that weak POI information can have on foot traffic attribution, etc. and then we will keep adding more text until we fill this entire line.


How do we do it?

Echo’s Places data is built from a combination of public and private data sources and the use of our proprietary algorithm and human verification system to obtain the most accurate and updated business & geographical information of a Place.

You can count on us.

We provide you with Geospatial datasets that are built
around 3 core principles


We have a vigorous sourcing
and cleansing process to provide the most accurate insights and avoid faulty data analyses.


We commit to being 100% transparent regarding non-Pll
data collection, and strictly follow GDPR regulations to respect data privacy.

Customer Success

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers conduct their data-driven projects efficiently and gain more value with our datasets.


Uncover the added value our datasets
can bring you

Discover our other products


Combining Mobility Insights with POI data enables companies to map activity around their area of interest, for a more representative analysis.


Coming Soon

Analysis of foot traffic around an area, helping companies better understand patterns of consumer behaviour

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